For any company developing software, at some point there will be pressure to reach the deadline in order to release the product on time. Additional pressure from project stakeholders, as ‘Marketing team’ don't want to delay the release date as significant effort and money may have already been spent for the expected release date.

Quite often, planned time to test the software (e.g. ascertain its quality – QA) will become reduced so as not to impact the release date. From a pure business perspective, this can be seen as a positive step as the product is reaching the intended customers on time.

Careful consideration should be taken though as to the overall impact of a customer finding a ‘bug’ in the released product. Maybe the bug is buried deep within a very obscure functional area of the software product, and as the impact only results in a typo within a seldom-used report, the level of impact is very low.

In this case, the effect on the business for this software company would probably be insignificant. But what if the bug resulted in the program crashing and losing data? Maybe this software product is used within an air traffic control system?

As you can imagine, the impact of this type of bug could be incredibly high and may result in loss of life and destroying the entire company responsible. So basically, the level of risk of a bug being found (likelihood) and what is the effect of the bug (impact) prove to be critical in how much software testing is performed prior to a products release.

Marvelous Technologies provides below testing services.

1. Functional (Manual & Automated) Testing
2. Non Functional (Performance, Security and Usability) Testing
3. Performance testing
4. Specialized testing for Mobile Apps, websites, Data Bases, Data Migration, Data Integration, ETL, Reporting, Cloud and ERP Applications
5. Testing Advisory Services

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