Content Management

Content Management

Marvelous Technologies helps organizations become smarter with highly optimized and unified value of information across the information value chain.

Marvelous Technologies believes that CMS applications should be easy to learn, simple to operate and with fewer requirement of programming skills. We offer a wide array of high-end CMS/eCMS services to our customers that help in keeping track of all public information in a concise manner including updates on social networking websites and newsgroups. After carefully analyzing the changing and complex need of content management, Marvelous Technologies recommends the CMS services which ensure a whole lot of business advantages & cost savings.

The following characterizes our content management services:
• We make information readily available to business users and help them perform their jobs effectively and efficiently
• We offer document management services which help in managing and accessing documents in various e-formats
• Marvelous Technologies provides support for creation of enterprise content and migration of content to the new CMS/eCMS
• Our CMS tools are used as web-based applications that help website administrator to update their website content through a rich text environment
• Marvelous Technologies offers enterprise content management services through custom CMS implementations or third party CMS and eCMS implementations

Marvelous Technologies Expertise Across CMS Platforms

For CMS and eCMS systems, we have expertise in a wide range of third party CMS/eCMS tools & platforms.

• Open Source - Alfresco, Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, dotCMS, Typo3, Mambo
• Microsoft - Microsoft SharePoint, Kentico, DotNetNuke, WinCMS, Sitecore

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