Social Computing

Social Computing

Business Imperatives
Social media and social networks provide increased connectivity and generate considerable information in a short span of time. Social computing helps organizations find relevant information more swiftly and make them more responsive and agile.

Now-a-days, social computing can be leveraged internally with wikis, blogs and corporate social networks to accelerate employee interaction as well as innovation and also can be employed externally to bolster visibility, connectedness and obtain real time feedback from customers and other stakeholders.

Use of social computing is paving the way for bottom up innovation for organization as against traditional top down innovation due to instantaneous information sharing potential between management and employees.

However, there are various challenges to be addressed to derive business insights from the consumer led conversations on the social media. Lack of defined processes to share and moderate social content coupled with lack of standard practices to engage in social media are the challenges to begin with. Varying methodologies, analysis based on non-relevant data, lack of data and workflow integration, non-optimizing processes and technologies are other bottlenecks.

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